Novice Wound Workshop

  • Time: 1300-1500
  • Cost: $85
  • Facilitated by: Bronwyn Overall (Clinical Practice Consultant, Flinders Medical Centre) and Margie Reid CPC (Stoma & Wound Clinical Practice Consultant (Cred), Lyell McEwin Hospital & Modbury Hospital)

Special Offer: Attend this workshop and Wound Day on Wednesday 15th March for only $335! (that’s a $50 discount for non-members)

The Novice Wound Assessment Workshop provides the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and clinical reasoning in the management of complicated and uncomplicated wounds. This workshop aims to teach nurses in clinical practice, up to date, evidence based care and management of patients and clients who experience various wound pathologies.

We recognise that each practitioner brings with them a wealth of knowledge in assessing and managing a variety of health conditions. This course will expand on current knowledge and skills. The participants will gain knowledge on a range of assessment tools that can be useful to determine the aetiology of a wound and how to use these assessment findings to implement the latest best evidence care.

The “9 C’s of wound assessment” will be explained leading to efficient management of the person and communication between health practitioners. You will also learn about the elements of wound assessment including sizing, staging and categorising.

Distinguish between undermining, tracts, sinuses and fistulae and how to best manage and document them. Wound bed and peri wound assessment with ideal ways to describe and document including pictures plus management plans will be presented.

This workshop is an interactive session with opportunity for discussion. We encourage participants to use this opportunity to reflect on past and current patients and clients, how their wounds were assessed and managed, and where there could be improvement in clinical practice.