Enhancing care using digital technology.

Mrs Sarah Haughey1
1TG Eakin, Comber, United Kingdom

Enhancing Care Using Digital Technology.

The world of healthcare is changing, and the impact of the digital revolution is changing how we as health professionals and users of these services receive information and communicate with each other.

We can receive a text message or email for reminder to attend appointments. Telemedicine is contributing to patient focused care where access to services is limited.

The use of digital technology is useful in everyday life and in healthcare. Fitness and lifestyle apps are used daily by millions of people worldwide. People with various health conditions can monitor their progress and record information for a review appointment.

Social media forums are growing with many offering support and advice but are often not clinically led or moderated. This can lead to the sharing of incorrect or inappropriate advice.

Could a digital community dedicated to the stoma care journey, help to support and empower patients to manage their own condition better?

Enhanced recovery offers benefits and challenges, an evidence based digital resource could enhance the benefits and reduce the challenges by helping the patient become an equal partner in their care.

This oral presentation will show how a digital approach to stoma education on a variety of platforms will complement the teaching provided by the nurse. This will be provided by offering up to date clinically evidenced information before surgery, during the in-patient stay and on discharge. The aim will be to support and encourage the person to manage their stoma in a confident, competent manner.


Prior to joining TG Eakin as Clinical Advisor in 2015, Sarah was the lead the Stoma Care Nurse in the Belfast Trust Northern Ireland. Her role extends across all departments within TG Eakin. She works closely with the marketing team to provide expert clinical opinion for all digital applications.Sarah has a keen interest in developing the knowledge base of both stoma nurse specialists and those nurses who support the specialist nurses in delivering expert care to this group of patients. Part of this is helping to create material which helps inform the patients at all stages of their stoma journey.