Enhancing quality of life with a 2 – piece appliance: A series of case studies

Mrs Sarah Haughey1
1TG Eakin, Comber, United Kingdom

Enhancing quality of life with a 2 – piece appliance: a series of case studies.

Choosing the correct appliance is essential for enhancing a person’s quality of life. The journey of living with a stoma is not always straightforward and a person’s needs can alter for many reasons. Actual or potential stoma problems, (long term or short term), will cause a person to look for an alternative appliance to help them mange their stoma more effectively.

This presentation will look at 3 real life scenarios where the Eakin Dot 2 – piece appliance has proven to be the product which prevented potential problems from occurring, or solved problems experienced using an alternative product.

The three scenarios are:

  1. Peristomal skin problems
  2. A carers perspective
  3. Managing a stoma with a long-term health condition – Parkinson’s disease

The presentation will highlight 3 features of the Eakin Dot 2 piece which meets the needs of both nurse and patient.

Learning objectives:

  1. To create an awareness of a new product with a skin smart hydrocolloid and the benefits offered by this skin barrier.
  2. To create an awareness of the relationship between effective stoma management and improved quality of life.


Prior to joining TG Eakin as Clinical Advisor in 2015, Sarah was the lead the Stoma Care Nurse in the Belfast Trust Northern Ireland. Her role extends across all departments within TG Eakin. She works closely with R&D from the concept stage of product development through the trialling and testing during the user study stage.  Sarah provides the clinical evidence behind the usage of all products.Sarah has a keen interest in developing the knowledge base of both stoma nurse specialists and those nurses who support the specialist nurses in delivering expert care to this group of patients.