Outpatient follow – up discovery of stoma site recurrence. A case study

Ms Melanie Perez1, Anne Mamo1
1St. George Public Hospital, Hebersham, Australia

This case study involves discovering stoma site recurrence in patients being reviewed in the outpatient setting. The aim is to show the importance of follow- up review in identifying unusual growth and nodules around the stoma. Routine follow- up involves the assessment of the stoma which provides the opportunity to detect minor changes that is potentially indicative of sinister occurrence. In order determine and classify the unusual growth, direct referral to the treating surgeon is essential for a definitive diagnosis. Hence, this paper also highlights the significance of collaboration and teamwork with the surgeon in providing timely intervention and management. As timely intervention and management of stoma recurrence is crucial as it directly impacts the pouching, the output, prognosis and the quality of life of the patient.


I am currently working  as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in the Stomal Therapy department at St. George Public Hospital. I also work as a part- time Registered Nurse in the gastro, liver, peritonectomy surgical ward. Working as a Stomal therapy nurse and a ward nurse has given me the opportunity to appreciate the different challenges that comes from the ward and the stomal therapy department. The uniqueness and complexities of every case I encounter inspires me to be innovative, patient- centered and focus on improving patient care and experience.