2019 – Program


Sunday 19 May 2019

0700-1200 Exhibition Build (custom site builders only) | BANQUET HALL
1200-1600 Exhibition Bump-In (all exhibitors) | BANQUET HALL
0900-1300 Workshop Registration | FOYER, GROUND FLOOR, SMC

Pre-Conference Workshops

The pre-conference workshops will be held at the conference venue on Sunday 19th May 2019.  Participation is an additional cost of $80 per person and includes lunch from 1200-1300.  Each workshop has a limited number of participants that can attend and bookings will be taken in a first come, first served basis.  Delegates and non-delegates as welcome to book.

1000-1200 Bariatric Nursing, Wound and Skin Care, and Safety
Susan Gallagher

Nearly 75% of individuals living in Australia are overweight or obese. Wound and skin care professionals feel the impact of this changing demographic in many ways. This course explores care associated with obesity and skin and wound concerns. Soft tissue pathophysiology, central weight distribution, and moving and handling are described as each one applies to individuals whose weight interferes with proper, safe care.

Stomal and Peristomal conditions: Focus on peristomal skin
Carmen George

This session aims to explore some of the common and not so common stomal and peristomal ‘complications’ that stomal therapy nurses may encounter in their practice. It aims to assist the STN in assessment and diagnoses of the condition and consideration of options for management.

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1200-1300 Light lunch for all workshop participants.
1300-1500 What can we do to manage the volcano, when we can only see the crater at the top?
Lee Gavegan, Petti Caraiscos
Sponsored by KCI – An Acelity Company

This session aims to improve your understanding of fistulas and the available options for managing fistulas when using V.A.C. Therapy

Colostomy irrigation and ACE procedure
Ian Whiteley, Jill Fairhall (assisting)

This session aims to dispel some of the myths surrounding colostomy irrigation and provide practical advice and evidence based education.  Antegrade Continence Enemas (the ACE procedure) will also be discussed.

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1400-1530 Conference Registration | MARBLE FOYER, LEVEL 1, SMC
1530-1700 Welcome Reception | Banquet Hall, SMC
Welcome to the 2019 AASTN Conference! This is the first social opportunity to catch up with your interstate colleagues and sponsors and exhibitors of the Meeting.marble foyer  The welcome reception also provides a great opportunity to meet delegates who are attending the conference for the first time.

Inclusive for full registrations and exhibitors, book during registration process.  Additional tickets can be purchased by guests and day registrations.

Free Evening

Monday 20 May 2019

0730 Registration desk open | MARBLE FOYER, SMC
0730 Speaker’s Preparation Room Open | BALCONY
Opening Plenary Session | GRAND LODGE
Chair: Jackie Johnston
0830-0845 Welcome & Delegate Address | Conference Convenor Jackie Johnston
Indigenous Welcome | Uncle Allan Murray
0845-0930 Keynote Speaker: Susan Gallagher, PhD MA MSN RN CSPHP CBN
Bariatric care: Considering wound, stoma and continence

Susan Gallagher is a recognized expert in safety, outcomes and communication with an emphasis on bariatrics, skin and wound care, safe patient handling and mobility, and risk and loss control. Full biography.

0930-1015 Keynote Speaker: Wendy White
Connected. Caring. Capable: The 3C’s of contemporary practice

In 2007, Wendy White founded Wendy White Wound Care, an independent wound consultancy service, with now over 27 years of wound & skin care expertise. Full biography.

1015-1045 Morning Tea in the Exhibition | BANQUET HALL
Plenary Session | GRAND LODGE
Chair: Bronwyn Overall
1045-1115 Education & Professional Development Committee
Clinical Documentation: The importance of documentation for the Advanced Clinical Practitioner

What you write as a stomal therapy nurse will impact on the funding your institution receives. This session aims to give an overview of the requirements and importance of good clinical documentation and the positive impact great documentation can have in capturing patient acuity and complexities. You will gain insight into how your documentation is reviewed by coders and the impact this has on the importance of the stomal therapy nurse.

Concurrent Session A
CHAIR Bronwyn Overall Kris Louis Mark Murtagh Lee Gavegan
1120-1200 Why stomal therapy nurses need to broaden their scope of practice for the sake of improved patient quality of life
Dr Vicki Patton
Surgical innovation in colorectal surgery
Dr Kim-Chi Phan-Thien
Medicinal cannabis for the treatment of pain, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease issues
Dr Teresa Towpik
Getting to the bottom of it: Bowel management and the physiology of defaecation
Dr Torey Lawrence
1200-1300 Lunch in the Exhibition | BANQUET HALL
Poster Viewing & Question Time (poster authors please stand by your poster to answer questions from delegates)
Concurrent Session B
CHAIR Keryln Carville Karen Cole Jill Fairhall

The scope of the community wound burden and costs to care

Kerlyn Carville, Anne Capes, Gordana Petkovska, Margaret Edmondson, Pam Morey, Jenny Faithful


Getting to the bottom of Hirschsprung’s Disease
Chary Richards
Stomal closure and complications
Steve Smith
1320-1335 A colourful idea for children having a Mitrofanoff / Monti stoma – from idea to end product
Lisa Naeher
Anaesthetic options in colorectal cancer surgery
Steve Smith
1340-1355 A visit to blow my ‘red stockings’ off
Alison Kennedy
Implementation of a multidisciplinary, nurse led clinic for cancer treatment related bowel dysfunction
Carolyn Atkin
1400-1430 Afternoon Tea  in the Exhibition | BANQUET HALL
Plenary Session | GRAND LODGE
Chair: Anne-Marie Lyons
1430-1510 Keynote Speaker: Dr Philippe Fauqué
Nutrition for ostomates

Dr Philippe Fauqué is a nutritionist doctor specialized in artificial nutrition. He leads the largest french clinical nutrition unit at the Institute Polyclinique of Cannes that welcomes patients with various digestive pathologies, hepatitis, pancreatitis, digestive cancers, hepatic transplant and digestive surgery. Full biography

1515-1715 AASTN AGM (all members welcome) | GRAND LODGE
Free evening

Tuesday 21 May 2019

 0800 Registration desk open | MARBLE FOYER
 0800 Speaker’s preparation room open | BALCONY
Plenary LARS Symposium | GRAND LODGE
Chair: Donna Heggie
0830-1030 The Low Anterior Resection Syndrome (LARS) session

  • Anatomy and physiology of the surgery and why is it done, Professor Chris Byrne
  • Statistics and research findings on LARS, Dr Danette Wright 
  • Diagnosis and anorectal physiology studies, Dr Caroline Wright 
  • Conservative management of LARS, Janet Candido 
  • Transanal irrigation treatment of LARS and surgery for a second stoma, Colleen Mendes 
  • Colorectal Cancer Support Group formation and outcomes, Ian Whiteley
1030-1100 Morning Tea in the Exhibition | BANQUET HALL
Plenary Session | GRAND LODGE
Chair: Jackie Johnston 
1100-1200 Keynote Speaker: Luke Escombe
Papa’s brand new bag

Award-winning songwriter and comedian Luke Escombe reflects on his twenty five years with IBD, his decision to have an ostomy, and the surprising new direction his life has taken since. Filled with music, humour and brutal honesty about the less than glamorous aspects of ostomy life, Luke’s story is ultimately a reminder that ostomies don’t just save lives, they can also transform them. Full biography.

1200-1300 Lunch in the Exhibition | BANQUET HALL
1215-1300 WCET Meeting | GRAND LODGE
Concurrent Session C
CHAIR Debra Day Kenneth Salazar Kris Louis 
1300-1315 ‘Cellutome’ an epidermal harvesting system. a series of case studies demonstrating the clinical experience using ‘Cellutome’ in an outpatients setting
Tina McEvoy
Making the connection; enabling person centred care through facilitation and consumer involvement
Julia Kittscha
Incontinence in Australia by numbers
Donna Heggie
1320-1335 Advancing wound, ostomy and continence education for nurses
Joy Sears
Neobladder support group
Kavita Sharma
1340-1355 The challenges in the management of a stoma patient with dermatitis artefacta
Mireille Hamson
Seeding Stomal Therapy in Mauritus
Sharon Boxall
“On the verge of residential aged care” a continence management case history
Claire Dobson
1400-1415 Peristomal medical adhesive-related skin injury: International consensus development
Ian Whiteley
‘The OZtomy Nurse’. A series of YouTube videos and podcasts dedicated to education & sharing of knowledge relating to stoma care, products and scope of current stomal therapy practice in Australia
Felicity Rackham
A new way to treat urinary tract infections
Loreto Pinnuck
1420-1435 Interacting appropriately with industry – how compliance laws can affect you
Paris Purnell
Stoma site selection outside stomal therapy hours – training hospital staff
Kate Brereton
ARE WE READY? ……Managing the complexities of dementia within stoma care
Michaela Parker
1435-1450 Discussion Discussion
1450-1520 Afternoon Tea in the Exhibition | BANQUET HALL
Plenary Session | GRAND LODGE
Chair: Lee Gavegan
1520-1605 Keynote Speaker: Associate Professor Celi Varol

Associate Professor Celi Varol is a Urologist at the, Nepean Public Hospital, Nepean Private Hospital, Westmead Private Hospital and Sydney Private Hospital.  A/Professor Celi Varol is currently undertaking the  first University and Ethics board approved trial for Focal Laser Therapy for patients with Prostate Cancer in Australia. Full biography.

1815 Meet coaches outside the Sydney Masonic Centre for transfer to Jones Bay Wharf
 1900 till Late Gala Dinner  | Doltone House, Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmont
Entertainment: Jellybean Jam
Theme: Vivid Sydney!You are invited to dress  BRIGHT, BOLD  and  COLOURFUL!DH Jones Bay Wharf -00

Inclusive for full registrations however bookings are essential for planning purposes.  Book during the registration process.  Additional tickets may be purchased by guests, exhibitors and day registrations.  Transport to and from the dinner


Wednesday 22 May 2019

0800 Registration desk open | MARBLE FOYER, SMC
0800 Speaker’s Preparation Room Open | BALCONY
Plenary Session | GRAND LODGE
Chair: Kenneth Salazar
0910-1000 Invited Speaker: Dr Jemma Gilchrist
Coping with the Emotional Roller Coaster

[PDF – Presentation Files – click to download]

Jemma has 20 years of experience in working with people who are facing a wide range of emotional and health challenges. She has a particular interest in helping people adjust to the challenges that illness brings and has unique experience in the care of those with cancer and their families.

1000-1030 Morning Tea in the Exhibition | BANQUET HALL
Concurrent Session D
CHAIR Kris Louis Greg Fairbrother Jenny O’Donnell
1030-1045 It’s a confidence thing!……..
Exploring qualitative ostomy research results
Angie Perrin

Prospective measurement of the trajectory of adjustment outcomes among new stoma patients

Carol Stott, Julia Kittscha, Ian Whiteley, Brenda Christiansen, Colleen Mendes, Lisa Graaf, Katherine Wykes

The development of a clinical practice guideline for high output stoma management for adult patients at a regional hospital in Western Australia
Felicity Jones
1050-1105 “Tummy troubles”
Sonia Hicks
1110-1125 Pressure injuries: Voyage to infinity and beyond!
Tracy Nowicki
Enteroatmospheric Fistula – Caring for Mind and Body
Renee Matthews, Kristie Willis
1130-1145 The importance of holistic approach to stoma care.  A case study
Anne Mamo, Daniela Levido
1150-1205 Clinical management of high output ileostomates to prevent dehydration and acute kidney injury: A quality improvement activity
Jodie Gordon
1205-1300 Lunch in the Exhibition | Banquet Hall
Concurrent Session E
CHAIR Debra Day Kenneth Salazar Mark Murtagh
1300-1315 The man behind the woman: Rupert B Turnbull Jr – Father of Stomal therapy
Naomi Houston
Evolution of stoma accessories – customised stoma seals using individualised bioengineered 3D modelling technology
Wendy McNamara
Necrotising soft tissue infection and management of a stoma after extensive abdominal wall soft tissue loss
Colleen Mendes
1320-1335 Overcoming problems with stoma site placement and improving quality of life after urinary diversion
Patricia Walls
Enhancing care using digital technology
Sarah Haughey
Anorectal trauma associated with sodium phosphate enema leading to Fournier’s gangrene requiring extensive debridement and diverting colostomy
Fiona (Lee) Gavegan
1340-1355 Preoperative stoma marking in the general surgery Population
Linda Vu
Enhancing quality of life with a 2 – piece appliance: A series of case studies
Sarah Haughey
SOME THINGS CAN’T BE FIXED. Management of a Desmoid tumour in a patient with FAP with exisiting ileostomy and fistula
Rebecca Hook
1400-1415 Granulomas what they are, how they affect ostomates and methods of treating them successfully
Cheryl Jannaway
The impact of stomal therapy nurse clinics on appliance usage
Elizabeth English
The use of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy on the perineal incision following an abdominoperineal resection. Can time to wound healing be reduced?  
Trish Doherty
1420-1435 Can rectal irrigation improve quality-of-life for patients who have bowel dysfunction?
Lisa Richards
Connecting through telehealth
Jenny O’Donnell, Karen Cole
Discovery of stoma site recurrence during outpatient follow up
Melanie Perez
Closing Session | GRAND LODGE
Chair: Jackie Johnston
1440-1450 Next committee… 2021 43rd AASTN National Conference!
1450-1500 Close and thank you – 2019 Conference Convenor
1500-1530 Join us for a farewell glass of bubbles and afternoon tea with the exhibitors | Banquet Hall
(exhibitor bump out from 1530)